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the Heart of Europe - SLOVAKIA

Mission Field  Slovakia 2013-2015

On Friday, May 17, 2013 a small band of Barn brothers boarded an airplane headed for the Mountains of Eastern Slovakia, as they followed God's Call to share our message of hope with 100 or so Brothers gathered there.  They arrived in Vienna, then on to Bratilslava...and finally to Poprad.

We had 100 men register for the Band of Brothers Event in Slovakia taking place May 23rd-26th. Prior to that, we trained facilitators and interpreters from Slovakia on May 20th-22nd. We believed that God was going to show up in a big way in the hearts of many on this trip...and He did! We were also expectant of how He showed up in our lives before, during and after this mission!

Several Barn brothers made a return trip to Slovakia in late 2014, and brought home our trip banner, that had been signed by those attending the event, which we hung on the Barn wall.

In August 2015, several of the Brothers from Slovakia made a trip to the United States to join us at the Barn.  They shared what God is doing in their hearts and in the hearts of men in Slovakia, as a result of the event they experienced.

Here is a video of the Barn brothers unveiling the signed banner at the Barn on October 22, 2014.

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