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You Version of the Bible

If you're a follower of Jesus, you are probably aware that He has a Book out.

You Version allows you to read the scriptures or listen as you are on the go. Lots of great resources and daily devotionals.

*** If you're not following Jesus...who are you following?  Perhaps it's time to begin the greatest adventure.  Barn Brothers would be honored to introduce you and share the journey.


Wild at Heart/Band of Brothers

One of the many small group video series we utilize

We've been doing this for 15+ years and would be glad to send you our notes, small group questions, video clips...check out the trailer!

A bit of Barn History and future vision as heard on with Haines Maxwell, Jr. on the Foxhole Symphony podcast

<<<30-Day Prayer Challenge FOR YOUR WIFE

Heart of a Warrior 

Before you become a must first know you are a beloved son!

Check out this small group DVD series from our friends at Zoweh...and be on the alert for

the new King Me series.

Here is a sample below.

Favorite Podcasts


Exploring More with Michael Thompson 

Foxhole Symphony - Sarge, Mark and their Jersey Pals gettin' real

A bit of the Barn story>

​​Men in the Arena

Kindling Fire -Troy Mangum

Wild at Heart - John Eldredge, Morgan Snyder and team

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