Shut The Barn Door!

Join us for a weekly review of what the brothers did on Tuesday nights.


You Version of the Bible

If you're a follower of Jesus, you are probably aware that He has a Book out.

You Version allows you to read the scriptures or listen as you are on the go. Lots of great resources and daily devotionals.

*** If you're not following Jesus...who are you following?  Perhaps it's time to begin the greatest adventure.  Barn Brothers would be honored to introduce and share the journey with you!


Wild at Heart/Band of Brothers

8 week small group video series.

We've been doing this for 15 years and would be glad to send you our notes, small group questions, video clips...check out the trailer!

Heart of a Warrior 

Check out this small group DVD series from our friends at Zoweh.

Here is a sample...



Exploring More with Michael Thompson 

​​Men in the Arena

Kindling Fire