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Men from over 20 different churches. Some don't have a church. Our primary concern is that men don't walk alone. We strongly believe the local church is foundational to the work of God on the Earth. Yet we know that many men slip in and out of a worship service and never connect with others. Far too many men can't name one or two close friends that they could reach out to in a time of need. The Barn provides a place for men to connect that is safe and confidential, so that they can feel free to be honest and real with each other, which creates an environment to hear and learn from the stories of others. As we like to say, "What's said in The Barn stays in The Barn". 

Our primary concern
is that men don't 

walk alone. 


"What's said in The Barn
stays in The Barn."



“Sometimes what we think we need or want is just enough to start us on a great journey.  While the original hopes and aspirations we were initially looking for in those needs and wants are not the answers, they do start us on an adventuresome “journey of the heart.”  It may come out of our own desperation to find the life that God has for us, or it may be a directive from God…most likely a combination of both.  Whichever the case may be, God has many ways to reveal His Son Jesus to us as we take this journey with others.”


“During a men’s event held in Buena Vista, CO in May of 2004, I witnessed and experienced true friendships, authenticity, and transparency that I’d never experienced in any church I’d ever attended, nor any other of my “Christian experiences”.  I knew a bit about religion and performance-based Christianity but had missed the boat when it came to having a relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  What I experienced in 2004 was something that I was compelled to share with others.  In May of 2005 I invited a few men to take a journey with me at my brother-in-law’s barn.  Then…I was looking for real friendships, now, through others, I realize that I always had the best friend I could ever have the whole time in Jesus.”


“This continues to be revealed to me through the men at The Barn.  So many lives have touched mine over the last 15 years there.  While friendships this side of eternity may come and go (I’ve learned to be ok with that), the friendship of Jesus is constant.  Amid my own mistakes (sin, shame, rebellion) as well as the restoration, forgiveness and victories, the friendships at The Barn have led me to walk with God and not try to do it alone.  I can honestly say that some of the most fulfilling chapters of my life have occurred through the weekly gatherings at The Barn.” 


“Relationships are important, are not made, they are discovered on life’s journey with others.”


- Kevin Casner, Barn Founder

Robert Earl “Bob” Blake

Builder of The Barn

July 11, 1952 -

June 8, 2013


Kevin Casner (center)

Founder of The Barn fellowship

September 25, 1960 - November 20, 2022

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