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Kershaw Correctional Facility

Kershaw, South Carolina

In 2012, Dennis Jahn and a group of Barn Brothers lead inmates through the Wild at Heart  video series as part of the Self–Paced In–Class Education (SPICE) program within the prison.  The series lasts 18 weeks and meets every Monday.  The SPICE program is meant to rehabilitate the men so as to minimize the chance that they return to prison after their release.


Based on the success of the initial Wild at Heart  program, it was continued.  In the years since, Dennis and several different groups of Barn Brothers have conducted this series 20 times at the prison, leading an estimated 440 men through it, and have seen life changing results.  Of the men that go through the program, approximately 92% do not return to prison after being released!  God is working in the lives of these men through the series, and the efforts of these Barn Brothers!

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